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About Us

This is the bookstore that owned by a full-time mommy.
No matter I or We, it's still going to me, Mak Nenek!   

Why "Mak Nenek" ?
In fact, this is the nickname by my hubby.
From his point of view, I always do some silly things, then he must say "Mak Nenek", followed by coping with the aftermath of the "disaster".

There once was a mommy sent me enquiry about a well known book, I advised the mommy not to buy that book, as the book is too underaged for her kid, she should save money to buy other useful items for the kid. When he found out about it, again "Mak Nenek..." he said. He think I was ruining my business.

Hmmm... I know the feeling when you ngam ngam naik pangkat become a mommy. We may tend to buy as much as possible, can't even wait to buy the whole world for the baby. We wished to get the best thing for our precious one.

However, this is not I wanted it to happen to every parents. I wish every home may have the books that just well fit for kids, but not simply follow the trend.

You may not able to see those on trend books here.
You may only see meaningful good book here.

You may not able to see tons of books here.
You may only see books just well suit to your kids here.

See, baru the very first point of "About Us", I've already nagging for so long.
This is Mak Nenek's character.
It is well match with Baba Nyonya language, "Mak Nenek meaning a double nag in a loving way"

What I nag you is for your own good 😌


Why Black and white logo, but not colorful , nice nice logo? 
I believed everyone, of course including me myself, have a natural gift that pending us to dig it out. The black colour mean the hidden part of us, we may discover our black side through learning and reading. We must be able to turn the black to white, and live with our own talent.

Most importantly, this is the platform for me to grow together with your and my kids   

Mak Nenek's Mission: To promote parents read together with the kids, and bring good books into each family.

Mak Nenek's Vision: Every kid to deserve a memorable and enjoyable childhood memory with parents reading together with them, grown up in a lovely family.

Let me help you and your precious one to have great books for their sweet childhood.

Mumpreneur is my dream since young. However, mumpreneur always struggle between work and family. We enjoy our business, but we have the responsibility with our family as well.
So, You may message me at anytime, and I will do my best to reply you soonest, as long as I have settled down my family.

That's all about us!