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This is my Home

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Let me tell you about my Malaysia - Malaysiaku. 

It's a land of rich diversity, from people, culture to flora and fauna. So different and yet alike, together we are Malaysians! 

About the Author:

SHALYN YUEN comes from a medical science background. She loves writing and this book is written to share how beautiful Malaysia is. Currently in her 40s, she juggles taking care of her two children at home and part-time work. This is her first picture book and she hopes it will help young readers to see that there is so much to love and embrace in Malaysia. 

TAN SU EN has a Master's degree in Architecture but redirected her love for buildings to cartoon illustrations. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Su En's vibrant, cheerful style is expressed through her creation of children's book ilustrations, mascot design, as well as personalised character designs. She works from her home studio as a full time illustrator. She aspires to create illustrations that bring joy to people. 

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